About Me:

My name is Jeremy Smith, I have recently finished my bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Games Programming major) at Qantm College in Brisbane and am looking for a job as a games programmer. I have developed skills in C++ specifically in gameplay and physics programming, as well as in other areas such as networking and AI. During my time at Qantm, I also worked in C#, Java script (specifically in Unity) and Lua which has improved my ability to switch between different languages with ease.

If you would like any additional information about myself or the projects I have worked on, please email me at zehrs92@hotmail.com.


Matter is a fully functioning 3D physics based puzzle platformer. I worked in a team of 6 (2 programmers, 2 artists and 2 designers) for approximately 6 months in order to bring the project to its current finished state. I was the lead programmer for this project and was responsible for the main game play mechanics, including wrapping Bullet specifically to work within our game environment. This has given me a strong backing using both Ogre3D and Bullet Physics in a 3D game environment. The game is free and available for on the official Matter website.

This project has taught me how to work well within a games development team including exporting and implementing art assets into a game environment successfully, implementing design ideas and changes, working with another programmer and exporting/importing levels from a custom made editor into the game environment through xml.
Below are some screenshots taken directly from Matter:

Here is a game trailer created by one of the game testers (outside of the dev team):

Fugue State:

Fugue state is a small 2D physics based platformer that was developed by myself and 2 other programmers for the Qantm 40 hour games competition (December 2011). It was developed in C++ using SFML and I was responsible for the main gameplay as well as the game physics (no physics engines were used, all physics was created by me personally). The game was based around the concept of bending physics concepts in order to traverse the levels, by removing collisions, removing gravity and reducing friction. This game is available for download here. The main character in the game is not of our creation, as we were in a team of programmers, we were not able to create project specific art for the game.
Below is a screenshot from Fugue State:

Other Works:

Throughout my time at Qantm, I have created several other smaller projects, including a basic cloth simulation, a rendering demonstration in D3D9, both pacman and breakout style games, a basic model editor in C# (which exports to an Ogre mesh) and a networked game that allowed for multiple player interaction within a simple game environment. 

Within the AI subject at Qantm College, we were required to program a simple bot (moving within a 2D environment) which would be placed up against the bots created by the other programmers in the course to see which bot had the strongest technique. The bot which I created had approximately a 98% win rate within the tournament and came out victorious over all due to both its movement and firing techniques.